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End User e-learning portal

Users might not have time to finish an awareness course right away. They have the ability to re-schedule the training (see this WIKI). But you have also the ability to create a login page for your end users where they can login and access their custom training links at any time, without the need to re-send an awareness mail.

Where to enable the e-learning end user portal?

The portal can be enabled under "Base Settings" within the campaign page:

How does the portal look for the end user?

The portal's appearance can be configured under Users > Enduser Portal Settings:

Here is an example portal view from an end-user perspective:

How are the awareness users created?

LUCY automatically creates the end-user login profiles for each user, that is marked to receive awareness training within a campaign (phishing or awareness only campaign).

Automatically through the Autoupdate LDAP users feature > Import Enduser role users from AD group. Find more here.

Manually through the import from LDAP (LDAP Update Preferences > Imported User default role). Find more here.

Where can a user login to e-learning portal?

The login is always created under the directory /user/ on your server. So if your server address is, the end-user e-learning portal login will be under

How are the login credentials submitted to the user?

There are three options for granting access to the end user portal:

  1. Attach the password to the email
  2. Send a password reset link (link variable: %user-password-reset%)
  3. Use SSO (link variable: %user-login-url%)

What can the user do on the e-learning end user portal page?

After the login, the user can:

  • Change his user details (password, contact information)
  • View his training history (the list of training that he has been participating)
  • View his training score (Quiz Score indicates the amount of correct answers in the Quiz)
  • Compare his score with others (Average Over All Users)
  • Create training certificates (only for the successfully finished trainings)
  • Access his reputation profile (with a badge and stars rating to represent the level of profile)
  • Access the custom training link (the training name is highlighted and can be accessed via browser)


How to use the portal without sending emails to the recipients?

First, check the box "Do not send emails" in Base Settings of the campaign so that the email will not be sent to the recipients added in the campaign.

Then it will be necessary to import end-users either trough LDAP, or Azure AD you can read more about it here, and here .

This way end-users will be created before you start the campaign, and after the start they will receive assigned courses in their End User Portal.

How to resend\recreate login credentials when enduser has lost the initial email?

The login credentials for accessing the EndUser portal are created and sent in an awareness message. There is no way to send such data again to an existing user however, there are several alternatives:

  • The user password can be reset through the end-user portal:

  • Change the user password in the Lucy Admin console:

Navigate to the Settings menu > End Users > find the user you need to reset the password > click on the user email address to open the end-user profile page:

On the enduser profile page click "Change User Details" button:

Click "Change Password" and type in a new password for the user, then click "Save":

  • Delete existing end-user account and resend awareness message. In this case, Lucy automatically recreates the end-user account and inserts login credentials into the awareness message:

:!: Deleting an end-user account will not impact its statistics. This account only gives access to the end-user portal.

The checkbox "Send password to the enduser" works as follows:

  • If the checkbox is set the new password will be sent to the enduser every time the campaign starts
  • If the checkbox is disabled the password will be sent to the enduser only once.

There is an option in the campaign settings that allows you to send a reset link instead of a plain text password for Endusers independently of the campaign type.

In order to perform a password reset one should use awareness emails variables:

  • %user-profile-link% - Link to the End User Portal
  • %user-password-reset% - Password reset link

End-users can either receive their credentials in plain text or set it via the link:

By default, when the campaign is started, Endusers receive an email with a .txt file attached containing the link to the End User Portal and End User password (users log in with the email).

To send the password reset link it is necessary to embed it into the awareness email.
The %user-password-reset% variable will only be turned into the personal reset link for a user in case if previously it was not sent.
For the users who already have their password instead of the password reset link there'll be empty space.

Both methods from above are meant to be used in combination with a customizable awareness email template within the scenario. So please feel free to adjust it to the current campaign structure.

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