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Converting LUCY from VMware ESX to Hyper-V

A full guidance can be found on the Microsoft website here. The tool is provided by Microsoft and available by the link

The Hyper-V version should be 5.2.0 or later.

:!: Before running the tool, do not forget to power off the Lucy's VM.

It's also to be noted that there must be enough disk space on your Hyper-V server (at least larger than the size of the initial VMware virtual drive).

Conversion steps

1. Run the application Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter and select a machine type: "Virtual machine conversion"

2. Select a migration destination: "Migrate to Hyper-V"

3. Select a Hyper-V host as the destination for the virtual machine:

4. Specify a path to store the converted virtual hard disks:

5. Specify the details to connect to an ESX\ESXi server:

6. Select a virtual machine to convert:

7. Leave the options unchanged and click "Next":

8. Select a location for the converted virtual disks:

9. Review the details and click "Finish" to start conversion:

10. Wait until the conversion process is complete.


After a successful conversion, do not rush to run the newly created virtual machine. You need first create (if not exist) a new External Virtual Switch and assign it to the virtual machine (within Network Adapter settings). See the screenshots below.

Connect the external switch to the converted virtual machine:

Power on the virtual machine and reconfigure the network:

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