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What can you configure in the advanced settings?

In this navigation menu find the possibility to:

  • Date/time settings It's very important to set this correctly! Your timestamps and scheduler details depend upon the accuracy of these fields.
  • Use Proxy: Define & save the details of your own web proxy server (outgoing). This is important to receive updates.
  • Smart Storage: Automatically archive/delete campaigns that have been stopped for a set period of time.
  • Default Editor Type: Choose the default editor type between Code Mirror and Visual Editor.
  • Template Rating: Our templates ask users to rate them out of 5 stars. Disable this setting to remove this prompt from your templates.
  • Auto Update: We push minor and patch updates silently to seamlessly update Lucy without disrupting your workflow. If you prefer to control this yourself, disable this setting to opt-out of auto updates.
  • Login policies: Protect your access to LUCY. See here.
  • Brute force protection: Use a security image (CAPTCHA) for the login page to prevent brute force attacks.
  • 2FA Key: Authy 2FA API key. Please create an account on for two-factor authentication.
  • Set Ajax Updating period: Define how often the client browser will refresh the page (e.g. every 5 seconds).
  • Export Data Separator: Select a delimiter to separate data in CSVs.
  • Export Double Quotes: Enclose all fields in double quotes to export data.
  • Campaign Approval period: Supervisor must approve a campaign within this period, otherwise the launch will be rejected.
  • SPAM test: Define if you want to use the full blacklist (more than 200 URL's will be checked within the campaign which can take up to 20 minutes).
  • Recipients URLs: Check this to generate short recipient links (maximum 5 alphanumeric characters).
  • Let's Encrypt Autorenew: To enable autorenew for your admin SSL you must be using Let's Encrypt in HTTP mode.
  • Disable Campaign Check: Enable the checkbox if you don't want LUCY to perform any campaign checks when you start a campaign.
  • Send Anonymous Benchmark Data: Enable the checkbox if you want to participate in sending us anonymous benchmark data.
  • Don't ask to send Anonymous Benchmark Data: Activate the checkbox if you want to disable messages asking if you want to send data.
  • Anonymous settings: Enable the checkbox if you want to maintain the anonymity of the campaign results. This will prevent you from collecting recipient-specific statistics.
  • Use Password-less Login: Allow Users and Endusers to login the system via special links (to generate them go to Settings→ Users→ SAML).
  • Anonymize Recipient Attributes: Hide the fields below in Anonymous Campaigns and Scenarios.
  • Use DLP Activation String: Add string which contains victims credits to the end of all email bodies sent by Lucy.
  • System Notification Email: Set the email to be shown for automatic system notification feedback.
  • Factory Reset: Delete all settings/data on your server (including log files). Please keep in mind also your domains will be deleted.
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