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We have two performance monitoring tools in LUCY:

  • Performance Test and
  • System Monitoring

Performance Test

LUCY is designed to work with high volumes of parallel recipients on one instance. This will require a hardware with sufficient RAM & CPU. If you are not sure if your hardware meets the campaign requirements you can run the build in test module. It allows you to run a performance test in order to verify if your hardware can handle the amount of recipients. It will also check the Campaign Settings.


Once the test has finished, you can see the detailed report which will tell you, how many recipients your sever is able to handle within reasonable time frames.


Note: A test can run for more than 20 minutes - so be patient and don't use the LUCY server in this time period.

System Monitoring

Beside the performance test which allows you to verify that your hardware is sufficient for a planed campaign you can also monitor the hardware performance in real time under /admin/help/resources.

On the System Monitoring page you also can to clean up Lucy from unnecessary or unused data:

Please note that:

  • cleaning templates, campaigns, etc. will delete all downloaded or created templates, campaigns, etc. and its files and related database records
  • cleaning db-backups will delete all database backups from the Lucy server. It is a relatively safe action, because Lucy creates database backup daily
  • Clear Database button will delete all campaigns and recipients that earlier have been deleted from the Lucy panel (in fact, deleting campaigns or recipients in the Lucy panel do not delete related database records, its only marked as 'deleted')
  • Clear button opposed to incidents will delete thumbnails and attachments of the reports which take most of the disk space. The reported email itself is stored in the database and will still appear under the Incidents tab.
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