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The user reputation level is a score that gives every user a specific profile based on the number of successful phishing simulations performed against this user. If a user gets a phishing simulations and doesn't fall for it, the level will be 100 (means that the user spotted 100 % of the phishing simulations). So if a user gets 10 phishing simulations, and submits only in 1 simulation a password, the rating is 90%.


The profiles can be configured under the User menu:

You can create different profiles. Each profile can have its own settings which are used to determine, what the reputation type is:

The reputation profile also allows you to use a picture (100 x 100 px).

This picture will then appear on the statistics recipient page as well in the awareness end user section:

Default levels

Starting with 4.4, LUCY has 3 default reputation levels saved. They are visible within the recipient stats as soon as the end user profiles are enabled.

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