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Known Smishing Problems

  • Issues with Delivery (sender):This usually means, that your provider did not accept your senders ID. Try different variations to solve this. Example: if your sender number is 0041793531111 (where 0041 is the country code, 79 the prefix and 3531111 the phone number) you could try to send as +41793531111 or 0041793531111 or +41.793531111. If all variations do not work, please leave the sender field empty. Our message provider will then replace it with the default sender name. If the message gets successfully delivered with the default message, you can try to enter your own sender name (e.g. Jon Smith) instead of a phone number.
  • Issues when spoofing with same provider: Spoofing a message within same provider within the same country might not work. For example: if you want to send a spoofed message from a cell phone using “o2” to another cell phone using “o2” the message won't arrive. But if you send the same message from a phone using “telekom” to a cell phone using “o2” it will work
  • No credit: In order to use the Smishing feature you will need enough credits. To see your current balance go to the license page in LUCY.
  • Issues with delivery (recipient number): sometimes the message is not delivered, because the phone number under the recipient is saved with the wrong format. Make sure recipients phone number always has the country code included.
  • Issues with specific countries: in certain countries SMS spoofing will not work at all or SMS might only arrive if the sender is using a different country code. Example: in Belgium the SMS sender will get replaced by a general number like “8850” when using a different country code.
  • Delivery issues (content): Unfortunately some operators block links in SMS sometimes (for example, in Russia it's nearly impossible to send a link in SMS). You could try to remove http link or create a plain SMS without a link to test this feature.

For further info please check out the support section at:

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