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This section describes the services that ‘the client’ will receive from “LUCY” and sets out how LUCY will provide support services. It describes for which items the supplier will provide free and paid support, what activities it will perform, and how the client can expect problems with LUCY to be handled.

Dates and reviews

LUCY warrants support-services on workdays, Monday through Thursday, between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm and Fridays between 8.00 am and 1.00 pm. CEST\CET, CST\CDT.

Coverage and paid vs. free support

This contract covers the LUCY software and eventually the infrastructure (VPS) that is provided by LUCY. All support activities related to software bugs are free of charge. All other issues will be charged. Examples of issues which are not considered as bugs:

  • Application or System problems caused by changing anything within the Linux operating system on which LUCY runs.
  • 3rd Party SPAM filters blocking mails from LUCY
  • External Mail relays that do not work as expected
  • External Proxy Settings preventing LUCY to receive updates
  • DNS configuration issues caused by DNS entries not made by LUCY
  • Issues based on unpatched LUCY versions
  • Modified templates, different from its original state

Having said all that, LUCY aims to be helpful and accommodating at all times, and will do its absolute best to assist the client wherever possible.

This list may be updated at any time, with agreement from both the client and supplier.


The client will ensure, that the LUCY software is always up to date with the latest patch before contacting our support. The client should:

  • Provide LUCY with a detailed error description and references to the campaign, where the issue occurred (example: In campaign X it was not possible to add the recipient group y using the browser Z with an administrative user). The error must be reproducible.
  • Include screenshots or access to the system (SSH or web based) for the purposes of a detailed investigation
  • Keep LUCY informed about potential changes to its configuration.

Support Contact

All support issues beside obvious LUCY bugs in the latest software version should be raised via the generic mail address

Telephone Support is available only if we determine that other means of support are insufficient to resolve the issue and such communication would be of assistance.

The client is obligated to communicate errors prequalified by him, including documentation, immediately and in writing to LUCY via Partner-Web or stating the possible cause, and to give LUCY the opportunity to resolve the error in question.

Should it prove impossible to resolve an error directly within support-services, error resolution will be performed pursuant to Item 1.3.

Charges and Billing

The hourly price for support services is USD [130] per hour. Support bills will be created [ monthly | yearly ]. All invoices issued hereunder are due and payable within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice. All amounts that are not paid on time by Customer shall be subject to a late charge equal to one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month, or, if less, the maximum amount allowed by applicable law.

Response times

The table shows the priority and response time assigned to faults according to the perceived importance of the reported situation. The priority assignment is to refer to the initial mail response to the client.

Priority Level Response Time

  • A - Business Critical Issue (e.g. full system or campaign inoperability) Same business day during LUCY working hours
  • B - Important Issue (e.g. partial system or campaign inoperability) Within 48 hours from support notification
  • Non-Business Critical (e.g. a generic support question) Within 72 hours from support notification


LUCY shall have no responsibility for loss of or damage to Customer’s data, regardless of the cause of any such loss or damage. There are no refunds on our support services.

Activity Log

All details of the activities performed for the client are saved in a table with the exact support day, time and activity and provided together with the invoice.

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