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4.9.3 Release Notes

In this release, version 4.9.3, we are proud to announce several updates that aim to enhance the overall customer experience. From the new Certificates Gallery to the reinstated link to the Manual (Wiki), we are confident that these changes will improve the ease and efficiency of your use of the platform. Additionally, this release includes important bug fixes, security enhancements, and an updated platform’s Terms & Conditions page. We are committed to delivering the best possible experience for our customers, and we hope that you find these updates beneficial.

1. The following topics were addressed

  • New Certificates Gallery: Select from a variety of certificates to reward employees upon completion of their security awareness training. Customize the certificate with your own text, colors, and logo.
  • Reinstated link to the manual (Wiki): A link to the manual has been added back to the platform, along with a search bar for both the system and the Wiki.
  • SCORM template export: You can now export SCORM templates as ZIP files.
  • Loading indicator: A loading indicator has been added to show when a page is being loaded.
  • Whitelabel login page: The Login page can now be whitelabeled.
  • Support contact link: You can now easily contact Support directly from the platform, either by submitting a ticket or by email.
  • Session timeout redirect: Upon session timeout, you will be automatically redirected to the Login page to prevent data loss.
  • UI bug fixes
  • General bug fixes
  • Security enhancements.
  • Terms & Conditions update: The platform's Terms & Conditions have been updated. You can access them here.
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