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4.9.1 Release Notes

This release, version 4.9.1, focuses on fixing several bugs related to the new UI (User Interface), tracking quiz results, and performance issues with high load campaigns.

1. Fixed Bugs - New UI

  • 2FA (two factor authentication) when updating from 4.8.8 to 4.9
  • A bug with SSO SAML configuration
  • A bug of a wrong chart clicked appearing in awareness campaign
  • Displaying an incorrect fraction of the average score in awareness campaigns
  • Mail & Web Campaign - results were not clickable
  • Wizard would sometimes close when pressing Search
  • 'Anonymous Visibility' - textbox that was set to value 10 instead of being empty by default
  • Update of login page with new design (also solving the 'forgot password' button displacement)
  • Match new UI design specs
  • Missing administrative features - administrative user should be able to delete exports and resend emails
  • A bug with missing campaign filters

2. Detailed Description of UI Changes

  • A bug with tracking quiz results of html-type content
  • Optimizing SQL queries for campaigns with high loads
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