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4.10.1 Release Notes

May 2023 4.10.1 Release Notes

We are delighted to release version 4.10, packed with a variety of enhancements aimed at increasing both your customer experience and system usability. Notably, we have introduced the new template galleries and the template feedback features, made to streamline and simplify your use of the platform. We are confident that these updates will prove valuable to you. Furthermore, we have expanded the platform's capabilities by enabling synchronization of multiple Azure ADs and improving SSL certificate management. Our priority is to deliver the highest level of service to our valued customers, and we believe these enhancements will help achieve this objective. We hope that you find these updates useful.

The following topics were addressed:

New Attack and Awareness template Galleries

  • New Filter bar: with our new filter bar, you can now sort templates faster and more intuitively.
  • Recommended templates bar: we've pinned our favorite templates in a new recommended templates bar, making it easy for you to find the best options for your needs.
  • Informative and updated template cards design: we've refreshed our template card design to provide you with the most relevant information.

Previously used templates indicator: our new indicator lets you know which templates you've used before, helping you avoid duplication and save time.

Template feedback

Gather feedback from end-users on awareness templates after they complete a training, to assist you in selecting the templates that best fit your trainees.

Multiple Azure Active-Directory sync

Uou can now sync multiple Azure Active-Directory accounts to the platform.

SSL certifications management

We've made it easier to manage your SSL certificates on the platform by adding a new section where you can view and manage your certificates.

Smishing campaigns with MessageBird

You can now use your private MessageBird account to perform Smishing campaigns*

SCORM version 1.2 export

You can now export content to SCORM version 1.2 (on top of the existing option to export to SCORM version 2004).

Auto-logout feature

To help protect your account, we've added a customizable auto-logout feature. You can set the duration of inactivity, after which the user will be automatically logged out of the system.

Performance improvements

Security improvements

UI bug fixes

General bug fixes

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