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What can be previewed?

You have the possibility to preview the templates in LUCY:

  • Email Templates
  • Landing Page Templates
  • Awareness Website (e-Learning) Templates

Template section that allows previews:

  • Landing Page & Email Templates are stored in /admin/settings/scenario-template/
  • Awareness Templates are stored in /admin/settings/awareness-template/

How to preview a template?

Click on the preview button within the template section of LUCY:

Additionally, you can also preview the templates within a campaign:

URL's and variables in preview mode

  • Landing Page preview: the URL in the Preview mode is a different one than the URL generated by the system during the attack. Let's assume you created a domain called and one landing page file called index.html. Then the final link sent to the recipient will be " value" (index.html gets replaced by "randomized value" to track the clicks of the user).
  • Previewing links in a mail template: links in an email template in preview mode won't work (you will get redirected to an error page). If you want to test the functionality, either use the test mode or place your user in a test recipient group and start the campaign with the test group.
  • Variables: variables in preview build get populated with dummy values. For example, the %name% variable will always get replaced with "Jon Doe".
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