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Data Center Infrastructure
LUCY runs on a dedicated VPS (virtualized server / OpenVZ) with full root access. The technical infrastructure consists of components from Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks which ensure a professional operation. The systems are connected with 3 Gbit/s and the current infrastructure is able to be connected with 6.4 Gbit/s without a hardware upgrade.

We use the manufacturer Juniper Networks with its high-end products in the sector of carrier-class routers. The M10 is at the heart of our routing.

Reliability, DoS attack protection, and secure service delivery can be ensured by a number of functions such as the J-Protect filtering capabilities, the restriction of high data throughput rates, the Junos software and the industry-leading ASIC technology.

A singular architecture, power and cooling system, the fail-safe Junos software and rigorous system testing ensures that all M-series platforms are highly reliable. We are using the Cisco® Catalyst® 4900M with the following characteristics: 320 Gbit/s.

The Cisco Catalyst 4900 has a maximum data throughput of 320 Gbit/s so no data packet has to wait long. IPv6: The impending difficulties of IPv4 will cause a timely switch to IPv6. Just as our router, the Cisco Catalyst 4900M supports both protocols. The hardware of the switches is also singular. They have hot swappable (removable during operation) power supplies and coolers. They also have a high degree of reliability.

Our connectivity is provided by three independent carriers and allows us to guarantee availability of 99% per year. We have chosen two international and regional carriers - KPN, Tinet, and Cogent. With this mix, we ensure the high availability and speed at an international and regional level. We are housed in the data center of KPN EuroRings B.V. in Duesseldorf (Germany) which fulfills the high standards and provides a high-performance connection. The data center is equipped with a singular power supply via UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and emergency power generators, climate control, and a gas extinguishing system. KPN is the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in the Netherlands and offers their end users-products (telephone, internet, and television) well as B2B benefits.

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