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Commercial License Disappeared

For some reason, the Commercial license is changed to Community and extra features are not available again despite the fact that a long-term license just has been activated.

Q: Why did this happen?
A: It happened because of our Anti-Piracy protection. Lucy Security License Server detects a LUCY instance with a particular Workstation ID and binds it to a public IPv4. So in case if public IPv4 is changed, the Workstation ID is reset by force to avoid piracy.

Q: What to do?
A: Simply contact our, the license will be transferred from old Workstation ID to the new one.

The situation might appear in case if there is no static external IPv4 or after a proxy configuration.

Q: What do I do if my external IPv4 is dynamic and this can not be changed?
A: Anti-Piracy protection can be deactivated by request.

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