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* This might happen, if your webserver is running and the port is accessible, but you either mistyped the URL or used a domain name that is not configured in the initial VMware setup. For example, your server is configured with VMware with a private IP and a domain like lucy.local but it wants to access LUCY with a domain like which you defined for that IP on your DNS server. To solve this, you simply need to go into the VMware setup again and define your domain (e.g. as a domain name.

  • If you stopped a campaign and click on the old link, you will get a 404 page.
  • You might see a 404 when you try to access the landing page from a phishing email created by LUCY. This might happen if you have accessed the scenario already as an LUCY administrator before accessing the link in the email. In that case LUCY will have set a cookie that causes the problem. This cookie will tell LUCY to directly forward you to the authenticated landing page which sometimes causes a 404 error. The solution is to delete all cookies in your browser and restart the browser and try to access the link in the email again.
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